eventum celsus

Our Mission

We plan for the long term and secure success with foresight for the next generation. Sustainable business strategies ensure continuous growth.

eventum celsus

Our ethical values


We don’t think in quarters, but in generations

Handshake quality

We keep to one's word


We take responsibility for our customers and our partners

"Values cannot be taught, only exemplified"

Viktor Frankl
(Austrian neurologist & psychiatrist)


The name eventum celsus is based on the original medical event agency from 2010, which eventually became the current medical product trade in 2016. We are a family business based in the beautiful Salzkammergut region.

Wilfried Spitaler is a qualified nurse with all 5 diplomas, a pharmaceutical representative and has completed an MBA degree at the private university in Krems while working. Many years in the medical field service for renowned international companies round off his profile.

Maria Spitaler is a radiology technologist and has over 30 years of experience in this field. After her MBA studies, also at the private university in Krems, she worked as a study support for an American company in Heidelberg and Basel in cancer research.

Das sind WIR

The most important thing for the success of a family business is that all those involved act with a common vision and according to jointly defined guidelines. Lasting success is only possible as a team.

We motivate each other and master all challenges together. Respectful cooperation as well as open communication are very important to us. Our employees are an essential part of our family - involving them, including them and letting them make decisions is a decisive part of our conviction.

Wilfried Spitaler, MBA
Wilfried Spitaler, MBACEO
"Those who want something find ways, those who don't want something find reasons".
Maria Spitaler, MBA
Maria Spitaler, MBACMO
"He who always does only what he already can, always remains only what he already is".