Oxyvenierungstherapie – Die Wunderwaffe gegen Allergien

Von Anfang März – Ende Mai blüht die Birke. Sehr zum Leid eines Großteils der Bevölkerung. Darauf folgen Pollen, Gräser, Heuschnupfen etc. Eine Horrorsaison für viele Allergiker. Wir, die eventum celsus GmbH mit Sitz in Eugendorf bei Salzburg, haben die Lösung. Mit Hilfe der Oxyventherapie (Sauerstofftherapie) können Allergien für eine Saison gelindert werden – Nebenwirkungen und Medikamente ade!  

The birch pollen - the enemy of many allergy sufferers

Just in time for the beginning of spring, birch pollen start traveling. Since the birch is widespread in almost all of Europe, its pollen is distributed in an enormous amount, because a single tree can produce up to 100 million pollen. Due to the extreme aggressiveness of the pollen, many allergic persons suffer almost the entire spring. According to estimates of scientists, up to 25 percent of all pollen allergy sufferers react to birch pollen. Depending on the region, between 5-50 percent of the population in Western and Central Europe suffer from birch pollen allergy.

Do not give the pollen and grasses a chance

Oxyvenation therapy or IOT (intravenous oxygen therapy) is a stimulation therapy. Medical oxygen is administered in small doses into the vein. These small oxygen bubbles cause the formation of anti-inflammatory and vasodilator substances in the blood. Blood circulation improves throughout the body, and the blood flows much better.

The treatment achieves noticeable success after just a few applications. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven and is therefore also suitable for precaution. The application takes place while lying down and covers a wide range of indications, not only allergies.

White blood cells remain in the bloodstream due to the addition of oxygen and support the body's defenses. The immune system gains strength and effectiveness. Oxyvenation can treat all allergies (house dust, mites, animal hair, food, etc.) by releasing the body's own substances. The overall condition improves significantly, you feel fresher, more alert and concentrated. The desired effect is usually achieved after just a few applications - also excellent for precaution.

We recommend an oxygen treatment at the beginning of spring so that you can enjoy a pleasant, allergy-free spring and summer season.

"Peace can only be found in the woods," says Michelangelo

Walks in the forest reduce physical stress symptoms such as gastrointestinal disorders, uncontrollable symptoms such as twitching and muscle spasms, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Regular walks in the forest permanently strengthen the immune system. Time out in the forest supports mental and physical health. The fresh forest air is healthy for the respiratory tract and gets the metabolism going. Find your peace in the woods, too, and give allergies no chance with the help of oxyven therapy.